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Saturday, 4 September 2010

So yesterday was one of those milestones....

Charlotte started Sixth form yesterday.  She was very worried about the whole thing but in particular she had this nagging fear she was going to get lost.  She had been at her previous School since Year 4 so was feeling a little vulnerable!  I drove her to school as the bus worries her - its not hugely far on the map but I spent 2 and 1/4 hours in the car in total!!  Eek that's one stressful school run - luckily I will not be doing that one everyday.

When I picked her up she was full of chit chat and very animated which was so refreshing as really since the end of Year 8 Charlotte has struggled at school and has not liked being there!  That will be the ADD in her.  She was reunited with a couple of people she was at Nursery and 'Little' School which was great - She has someone she knows in every lesson and She has made some new friends already - what a relief!

As the proud Mummy I took her photo in the morning - ready for school as I have done in September as She has started each new school - well Nursery School then Big School!  Now I guess she is at Giant School.  Her Nursery School (where I work) has 109 children, Big School had 300 but Giant School has 700 just in the Sixth Form so we are talking scarily big!

Here's to 2 years of enjoying Education  :)

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